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“Music should humbly seek to please;
Extreme complication is contrary to art”
– Claude Debussy

An Innovative Approach

Our method has been conceived and proven for more than 10 years.
Have fun learning and progressing quickly, with pieces you really enjoy!
Musical concepts and theory are approached gradually and naturally.

An experienced team waits to support
you with your mastery of the Harp

Our teachers give you a solid foundation through the Harp School’s innovative method.
Each of our teachers are concert harpists that are accomplished in stage performance.
You will learn to play beyond musical technique, with nuance and emotion.

30 min. or 1 hour Courses


Choose the course duration that suits you best!
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Videos & Sheet Music

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At the end of your lesson, you receive the detailed
videos of the presented pieces and exercises, as
well as the sheet music to practice between classes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our method, along with our teachers’ experience ensures the same progression as live courses. By means of specific techniques and exercises, the teachers guide you in correct positioning and playing technique.

Today’s technology allows your teacher to hear your sound quality and posture. This is why live webcam courses, no matter the instrument, are as efficient as live courses, and all from the comfort of your home 🙂

Kids: It is possible to start around 6-7 years old. The 30 minutes course format will be more appropriate for the younger ones. Teachers will adjust the courses according to their tastes and so that the motivation stays high!

Adults : You can start the harp anytime that you’re ready. Everyone evolves at their own pace and according to the goals set with the teacher. One of our students started the harp at age 86!
So, you see?! There is no limitation. We’ll work with your hearts desire.

Not at all 🙂 We will establish your learning project and you will be able to learn with or without theory.

If you are not familiar with harps (or if you are just curious), please check out our Essential Guide in finding a harp. It features the different types of harps and gives information on purchasing or renting a harp.

We usually start on a Lever Harp (34 to 38 strings).
If you begin with a Lap Harp, we will discuss the limitations.
Consider beginning with a Pedal Harp if your project is mostly about classical or jazz music. This will be harder for the fingers because of the gut-strings’ hard tension. Also, a pedal harp will be less suitable for children because of its big size.

Your teacher will advise you and arrange the pieces and music depending on your instrument. They will also be glad to advise you in case you want or need to change your instrument.

• Internet: You need a high speed internet: DSL, fibre, 4G. (3G possible, contact us for custom study).

• Device: a computer or a tablet are recommended, or a smartphone.

• Image & Sound: A webcam and/or an external microphone if your device doesn’t have it.

• Software: Skype app, and a free Skype account.

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