Conditions Of Sale For Webcam Courses


These Terms of Use and Conditions of Sale for Webcam Courses, hereinafter referred to as “Terms and Conditions for Webcam Courses”, are concluded between, on the one hand, the company Harp School, SIRET 50051360100038, located at 6 bis Chemin de Sahorle, 66300 Vinça, France, hereinafter referred to as “Harp School” and its website hereinafter referred to as “the Website” and, on the other hand, any individual benefiting from our Webcam Courses on the Website, and hereinafter referred to as “the Student”. The present Terms and Conditions for Webcam Courses also include a third party, namely the teacher chosen by the Student, who is a partner of Harp School, and who is hereinafter referred to as “the Teacher”.

1 – Object

These Terms and Conditions for Webcam Courses are intended to define the contractual relationship between Harp School and the Student and the conditions applicable to the purchase of any product or service related to Webcam Courses made through Harp School’s commercial Website. The purchase of any Webcam Course through the Website implies an unreserved acceptance by the Student of these Terms and Conditions for Webcam Courses.

Important: the Student acknowledges having read the General Terms of Use and Conditions of Sale and agrees to be bound by the stipulations therein contained.

2 – Description of Webcam Courses

Harp School is an online Harp School. Its “Webcam Courses” section on its Website is intended to facilitate contact between harp teachers and students who want to learn how to play the harp.

The Teacher, who is a Harp School partner, offers Harp Courses via Webcam, hereinafter referred to as “Webcam Courses”, using the free software Skype, to students that use the Harp School Website to connect with the Teacher.

Harp School offers Webcam Courses either of 30 minutes or 1 hour. Harp-School also offers special rates for the purchase of several Courses, hereinafter referred to as “Course Cards”. The Student can choose between Course Cards of 5 or 10 Courses of 30 minutes or between Course Cards of 5 or 10 Courses of 1 hour.

3 – Course Booking and Access to the Service

1.The Student connects to the Harp School Website and clicks on the “Webcam Courses” section.
2. The Student selects a harp Teacher according to his/her preferences and his/her availabilities.
3. On the teacher’s calendar page, the Student selects the duration of the Course (30 minutes or 1 hour) and books one or several Courses according to the Teacher’s availability and within the limit of the number of places available. A Course cannot be booked less than 72 hours in advance. The first time the Student uses this service with the chosen Harp Teacher, the Student needs to indicate his/her Skype ID.
4. The Student then clicks on “Book now”, “View Cart” and “Proceed to checkout” (see our General Terms of Use and Conditions of Sale). If the Student has previously purchased Course Credit, it can be used in the Cart.
5. Once the booking has been validated, the Student receives an email with the date and starting time of the Course. A reminder will be sent by e-mail 24 hours before the course.
6. 5 minutes before the Course is due to start, the Teacher and the Student connect on Skype with their computer, tablet, or other medium to start the Webcam Course.
7. If the Course went well, the Teacher and the Student log off from Skype. If any technical issue has occurred, see Section 10.2.
8. Within 24 hours after the course, and if necessary, the Teacher will send to the Student, by electronic means, videos and/or audio files and/or music scores to practice.

4 – Purchase of Course Credits or “Course Card”

The Student can buy several Webcam Courses at a discount price by purchasing a Course Card.

Each Course Card is linked to a specific Teacher. Before buying a Course Card, the Student must make sure that he/she chooses the right Teacher based on the availability of the Teacher and on his/her availability.

5 – Rates

See our offers on the Harp School Website (“Pricing” section for Video Courses and Webcam Courses) to consult our updated rates for the different products and services. See the General Terms of Use and Conditions for Sale for more details.

6 – Cancellation – Absence

The Student may cancel a booked Course up to 48 hours before its starting time. The Student can do so directly from his/her personal account. Any cancellation made less than 48 hours before the Course is due to start means that there will be no compensation, except in case of force majeure (see Section 13). If the Student cancels a Course more than 48 hours before the Course is due to start, Harp School will credit the Student account with 1 Course Credit.

In the event that the Teacher cancels a booked Course (events of force majeure only), the Student will be informed as soon as possible and his/her account will be credited with one (1) Course Credit.

7 – Retraction – Refund

The Student has a legal delay to cancel its booking (loi Hamon 2014) of fourteen (14) days, only if the Student has not used any of his/her Courses Credits during this period. Harp-School will refund the sums paid if the Student sends an e-mail to Harp School ([email protected]) expressly requesting the cancellation of the booking made by the Student, before the expiry of the period of fourteen (14) days.

The fourteen (14) day legal delay to cancel the booking shall not apply if the services for which the Student subscribed are consumed immediately after the Student booking. Harp-School considers that the service is consumed as soon as the Student books a Course with his/her Course Credit and confirms his/her booking.

Webcam Courses are non-refundable and are valid for one (1) year from the date of purchase. In the event that the Teacher cancels a Course, the Student will be able to use his/her lessons with another Teacher (contact Harp School to make this change).

In the event that the Teacher is unavailable for a long period of time (more than one (1) month), the Student will be invited to choose another Teacher. The Student will use his/her Course Credit(s) with the chosen Teacher. In case the Student does not find a suitable Teacher, the Student can request a refund or credit note by sending an e-mail to Harp School ([email protected]).

8 – Preparation of the Course

The harp must be tuned before every Course.

The Student will connect 5 minutes before the Course is due to start, to ensure that the Internet connection, Skype, image, sound and other technical aspects are fully functional.

In the event that the Student faces a technical issue before the Course, the Student must contact the Teacher or Harp School by e-mail or by phone as soon as possible. For more details, see Section 10.

9 – General Advice

In the event of repetitive technical issues, or in case the Teacher has a doubt concerning the setup or computing device of the Student, Harp School reserves the right to decide that said setup or computing device is not compatible with Webcam Courses (see Section 10.4).

To ensure a service of optimum quality or to ask for advice about computing devices and/or the setup, the Student may contact Harp School technical support by e-mail ([email protected]).

Internet: High-speed Internet: ADSL, fiber, 4G. (3G possible, contact our technical service for a custom study).

Device: a computer (less than 10 years old) or a tablet computer (less than 5 years old) is recommended. Eventually a recent smartphone.

Image and sound: a webcam and a microphone (in principle, integrated in all recent laptops and smartphones). A webcam and/or an external microphone if the device is not equipped.

Software: Skype app (free), as well as a Skype account (free). VLC app (free) to play extra videos that will be sent by the Teachers.

Harp: a harp of at least 22 strings, with levers or pedals.

Accessories: a chromatic tuner.

Environment: the Student must ensure that the room where he/she will be during the Course is sufficiently bright. If possible, the background behind the harp should be dark in color in order to better see the strings.

10 – Technical problems

10.1 – In the event of any technical issue preventing the Course to be transmitted properly or preventing the booking of a Course (see steps 3.1 to 3.5), Harp School should make every effort to restore the service (see “Responsibilities”, Section 13 of the General Terms of Use and Conditions of Sale).

10.2 – If a technical issue occurs during the Course, and if the issue comes from the setup of the Teacher or the Student (equipment, Internet connection, power failure, etc.), the Teacher or the Student must contact the Internet service provider, computer technician, etc. to find a solution as quickly as possible.

If the Teacher deems it useful, the Teacher will contact Harp School technical support that might in turn contact the Student or the Teacher on his/her mobile phone, by Skype or e-mail to assist him/her in solving the problem.

When a technical issue makes the Course unfeasible, the Student’s Course will not be considered consumed, and the Student will be credited with a Course Credit so that the Student can re-book a Course at his/her convenience.

10.3 – If a technical issue occurs in the Student’s setup during three consecutive Courses, and if said issue forces the Teacher and the Student to postpone the Course (see Section 10.2), the Teacher must inform Harp School. The Student will no longer be able to book until he/she is contacted by Harp School technical support and his/her setup is deemed functional by Harp School.

10.4 – In some cases (such as those mentioned in Sections 10.2 and 10.3), Harp School technical support may contact the Student to assist him/her with the setup of his/her device. Harp School reserves the right to judge that the Student’s setup is not compatible with Webcam Courses. In this case, Harp School will indicate to the Student possible solutions or will suggest the Student to purchase more suitable equipment. If the Student’s setup is deemed inappropriate, and if the Student has one or several Course Credits, a refund might be considered.

11 – Keeping the same time slot for a long period

If the Student wishes to keep the same time slot for his/her Course, Harp School encourages the Student to purchase Course Cards of 5 or 10 Course Credits and to book all his/her Courses at once, which will allow the Student to keep the same time slot for several weeks/months. Once the Course Credits have been consumed, it is recommended that the Student book his/her next Courses following the same procedure.

If the Student wishes to keep the same time slot for several months, or during the whole year, the Student may make that request by sending an e-mail to: [email protected]

12 – Change of Teacher

Although it is possible to choose another Teacher at any time, Harp School suggests the Student to keep the same Teacher in order to guarantee coherence and continuity of the learning process which results in optimum teaching quality. Importance notice on Course Cards: Course Cards purchased with a specific Teacher cannot be used with another Teacher.

13 – Force majeure

13.1 – If, as a result of force majeure as defined in Section 13.4, one party or both parties (Harp School and/or the Teacher) are forced to interrupt their respective services, said services will be suspended until the party or both parties affected by the event of force majeure is able to fulfill their obligations.

13.2 – The party affected by the event of force majeure shall inform the other party as soon as possible, specifying the nature of the event, its effect and its foreseeable duration. Both parties undertake to use their best efforts to overcome the effects of said event.

13.3 – In the event of force majeure related to illness, forcing the Teacher to interrupt his/her services for more than 15 consecutive days, Harp School will contact the Student to find an amicable solution (change of Teacher, reimbursement…).

13.4 – Are considered events of force majeure: fires, state of war declared or not declared, strikes, floods, natural disasters, disruption of public order, acts of terrorism or other events adopted by case law and any other event independent of the will of the parties preventing the normal performance of the service.