Learning Path Booklets

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Beginner Booklet (pdf)

The complete sheet music for
the Beginner Learning Path

23 Songs, 26 Pages

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Intermediate Booklet (pdf)

The complete sheet music for
the Intermediate Learning Path

15 Songs, 41 Pages

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Advanced Booklet (pdf)

The complete sheets for
the Advanced Learning Path

14 Songs, 63 Pages

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subscribers only

Why would I choose the full sheet music booklets?


I thought the music sheets were already provided in the courses?
The music sheets are already in the courses, but divided in small parts. Our courses feature very detailed videos showing the fingering, positions, rhythms, etc., allowing you to learn by oral transmission without sheet music. Because some of you are use to working with sheet music, we decided to display the sheet music under the videos, divided in small parts to match the video chapters.

What is the purpose of these booklets?
Some of you requested the option to download or print the entire sheet music for a piece. This is something we have been thinking through a lot. The fact that it would be possible to download hundreds of sheet music pages (many of which are original artist compositions) with a simple 7 day subscription, was a moral dilemma regarding these artists. This is why we offer the complete sheets in PDF for sale, the benefits going directly to the artist.

We created these learning path booklets for subscribers only, they contain the complete sheets for each learning path, at a reduced price.

We do our best to build a great online school and the choices are not always easy to make. Our hope is that everyone, harpists and artists alike, are happy 🙂

Best wishes from the Harp School Team