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Pia Salvia

Modern Jazz Harp


“A wonderful harpist with her own unique creative voice.”
-Deborah Henson-Conant


I have studied music and played the harp since the age of 7. I also sing, play guitar and piano.

In addition, I have won numerous music competitions, such as the National Competition of Belgium Dexia “Axion Classic” in November 2008 (1st prize), the competition Ufam in Paris in 2000 (class honors) and 2006 (the first medal), and the competition Felix Godefroid in 2003 (1st prize)—to name a few.

While studying classical harp, I devoted myself to composition, and started to arrange and explore different styles with harp.

I recorded my first solo cd (harp, vocals), which comprised a combination of my original compositions and arrangements, in March 2010.

My duo HADA (harp, vocals, percussion) was formed in September 2009 and just five months later, we won the first prize of the Francophone Imagine competition (before Music Live).

Following this, our duo was offered the opportunity to perform for concerts and festivals in Belgium (Wapi Jazz Night, Gaume Jazz Festival, etc.) and also in Romania.

While this project was ongoing, I decided to live in Cuba for a few months to expand my knowledge of Latin musical styles—by immersing in the culture first hand. I had percussion (congas) and guitar lessons.

I also took enrolled in various intensive harp courses(Belgium and France) and voice study(in Norway).

In September 2010, I left the duo Hada duo and began a vocal training at the Music Academy International of Nancy.

Many projects emerged in that year.

I participated in several programs on well known French channel TF1 as a background vocalist; was invited to sing with Mickaël Miro, french singer; met musicians with whom I formed my new band “Satyameva ‘” – (harp, vocals, guitar, (double) bass, drums, percussions) a quartet blending nu soul and world music while borrowing jazz colors; and my duet “Takk Two” with a jazz piano player from the Royal Conservatory of Belgium was also born during this time.

I graduated with the highest distinction in the voice diploma programme of the Music Academy International of Nancy.

I have been invited to participate in the show “Lorraine choir choristers 2000: The crazy history of musicals” at Galaxy Amneville in France as a harpist and singer-soloist alongside with famous French artists.

I was selected for the reality talent search show The Voice in France and made it to the top 20.did you

When TV series ended marked the beginning of my participation in Berklee College of Music’s 5 week programme (2013)—thanks to the generous financial assistance of the foundation Harp Help .

At the close of the Berklee 5 week summer course, I was awarded a scholarship of $20,000 to study at Berklee beginning in Summer 2014: the same foundation (Harp Help) has since been aiding me in funding the rest of the tuition fees for the past three semesters.

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