Lara Somogyi

Electro Groove Harp


“With a fresh and unique sound,
Lara’s expression and creativity takes the harp to new levels”

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Lara Somogyi is a Los Angeles-based Harpist with a specialization in popular, improvisatory, and classical music. As a recent graduate of The Royal Academy of Music in London, Lara was trained classically with many renowned harpists including Karen Vaughan (LSO) Skaila Kanga (Skyfall, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings) Nan Gullo Richmond (Eastman School of Music) French Soloitst Isabelle Moretti, Nancy Allen (Juilliard, New York Philharmonic) as well as with Jazz Harpist, Park Stickney.

Lara Somogyi Masterclasses: