Evélina Simon

World Harp


“With a Celtic heart, she journeys around the world
to create a universal chant, magic and charming”

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As soon as she had a harp between her hands a fusion happened. She started to compose during her first harp lessons when aged 12. During the next years and aside from her tuition, she joins the Ensemble de Harpes Vivace (Folles journées, Arles harp festival, Germany tour, album) ; and also creates a band.

In 2009, she records a harp and vocal CD, then creates 2 albums of original compositions for her heroic-fantasy books.

She starts teaching private harp lessons in 2007, and then offers webcam harp lessons afterwards.

In parallel from her private lessons offerings, she creates video harp tutorials on Youtube that turned into a genuine success. The success of harp tutorials and music learning platforms for other instruments, plus the increasing demand for online harp lessons pushes her to create Harp School in 2016 with Martí Lafond, an experienced guitar teacher and web-designer. Impassioned about harp and pedagogy, they both wish you have fun and enjoy learning and discovering all the harp possibilities with this website 🙂



Double-Album – 2020


La Fleur de Dongadal

Book Soundtrack – 2014


Les Alastars

Book Soundtrack – 2010


Bulle d’Eau

Harp & Vocals – 2009

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