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A modern and fun method to enjoy playing the Harp

Harp School has created
an innovative learning system
to enjoyably progress at your own pace.


2500+ video lessons and
masterclasses, unlimited access.
Pop, Celtic, Jazz, World,
Latin.. Courses in all styles!
Courses on your
desktop, mobile or tablet.
Monthly updated courses,
learning tools, blogs, store, etc.

Full, easy to follow classes
for learning how to play the Harp

Structured lessons in short videos for you to learn quickly and easily.

Detailed exercices for you to move forward effortlessly. Learn key positions and musical concepts.

Master the nuances, rhythms and feeling of each genre your explore.

Naturally progress in the learning of improvisation, composition and arrangement techniques.

Learning Paths

Advanced courses & masterclasses.
Improve your playing and technique.

The courses are taught by many teachers, international artists and harp professionals, to offer you a complete and diversified curriculum.

Many artists have chosen to guide you on your way to become a talented musician. They are teaching their vision of the instrument, as well as their favorite compositions and techniques.

A large variety of genres are available
Develop your style & groove!

Because its exciting to discover new pieces and other ways of playing, we offer a large assortment of styles. Are you dreaming of playing Jazz, World Fusion, Pop Music? Now is the time to give it a try! Harp School allows you to test and experiment with many new horizons.

A clear and modern course interface
allowing you to easily track your advancement 

Course Categories

More than 2500 video lessons with unlimited access

We offer Complete Courses, Masterclasses
and Learning Tools 
with a Modern Course Interface

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