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  • Explore 2,500+ video lessons, hundreds of songs and exercises.
  • Learn and play with comprehensive tutorials for every skill level.
  • Track your progress real-time while you play.

Any harp, any device

Start learning right away. All you need is an internet connection and computer or a phone. Harp School is open 24/7 for you to adapt to your life.

Play what you Love

Want to play Pop, Classical, Celtic or even Film Music. Follow our step-by-step lessons to master any rhythm and harp technique.

Improve & have fun

Learning should be fun! Harp School unique curriculum allows you to learn but also almost immediately play the songs that will keep you motivated.

Fun & Easy

The best way to learn harp online

Harp School helps you learn harp fast, wherever and whenever you have time to practice. Easy, bite-sized lessons let you learn at your own pace in as little as 10 minutes a day.

Learn tons of songs in over dozen musical genres, like:

  • Bad habits, Ed Sheeran
  • Inisheer, Irish trad.
  • May it be, Enya, Lord of the Rings
  • The Mandolorian, Star Wars TV Series
  • Elfe in the woods, Celtic

Make your dreams of

playing the harp come True


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How does Harp-School work?

Once registered, you have access to the entire video course and masterclasses library, despite the level and style, with all our artists or teachers without distinction.

Then you can learn at your pace. The learning paths are available for a progressive learning, but you can also choose to play the pieces you prefer in order that you like and learn the techniques you need and add the masterclass of artists when you need.

The video lessons are very detailed: Fingerings, positions, rhythms, techniques, nuances, ornaments; all by oral transmission. Scores are available if you need under the video, but it is not mandatory to read the music to learn with harp-school.com.

Connect whenever you want with your computer, tablet or smartphone and learn the pieces you want. You can easily track your progress and resume your current courses with our smart learning interface.

If you need personal advice, our teachers are available by webcam to help you and provide tailored lessons!

Are you a starter?

Don’t worry, we help you step by step! Do you have your harp? (If not please go check this page) all you have to do is test our beginner course. We offer you a smooth learning with a playful educational method. Learn your first track in just a few hours. At each step, we guide you on the positions, frequent mistakes, offer exercises and new pieces to unlock all this in simplicity.

If you follow the step-by-Step course, you will quickly create a panel of techniques, arrangement and rhythms.

When you have reached the necessary ease, you will be able to pick some pieces you would like to learn in addition to the course program, as well as artist masterclasses!

Are the Sheet Music included in the Video Courses?

The music sheets are displayed under the video lessons, and divided in small parts to match the video chapters.

The complete music sheet is not downloadable for free: this is something we have been thinking through a lot. The fact that it would be possible to download hundreds of sheet music -many of which are original artist compositions, with a simple subscription was a moral dilemma regarding these artists. This is why we offer the complete sheets in PDF for sale in our store, the benefits going directly to the artist.

We do our best to build a great online school and the choices are not always easy to make. Our hope is that everyone, harpists and artists alike, are happy 🙂

I already have a teacher, what can i do on harp-school.com?

Harp-school.com is a great complement to a teacher, here you can:

– Learn a specific piece on your own with detailed videos,
– Discover and expand a new genre,
– Meet the greatest harpists in detailed video masterclasses right from your living room!
– take advantage of our goodies and shops,
– Come and meet the harpist community of Harp-school.com 🙂

Where can I find a harp?

Please visit our page → Choosing your harp that will guide you to find the best harp for your needs/budget.

A small quiz test will allow you to determine the type of harp that will suit you best. Then it’s up to you to choose your brand/model/harp maker according to the specifications and customization you want! You will find all the information to make your decision on this page.

Am I young enough / too old to learn the harp?

Our learning paths and video lessons are explained in step by step very detailed videos.
A child around 6 years old can start learning through this website without worries. The youngest will need an adult to understand the functioning of the interface and start properly but autonomy will come very quickly. Our playful interface allows you to work step by step and mark chapters as complete to track your progress and resume your lessons.

There is no age limit to start the harp!

How often are you adding new content?

Every month, you will find new songs and scores to learn on Harp-school.com. You will be able to find our ongoing projects on our facebook and newsletter! 🙂

We do our best to add variety, to satisfy beginners and more advanced levels and in different genres. You will discover new artists from around the world, cool pieces to learn and amazing techniques to expand your skills and repertoire!

What does the Free trial include?

The Maestro Free Trial grant you access to the entire video course and masterclasses library, and all our learning system features.

How does the pricing for Maestro work?

The recurring yearly price (displayed during trial signup) will automatically be applied to your payment method at the end of your trial period. You may cancel at any time, by going to your subscription settings.

How do I cancel my free trial?

You may cancel at any time by going to your subscription settings in your dashboard, or upon email request.

Have more questions?

Get in touch with our great teachers and friendly support staff!

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