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Eduardo Betancourt

Hape Llanera


“Eduardo Betancourt est incontestablement un leader dans son domaine, créant une musique
llanera moderne et façonnant de nouvelles voies pour cette musique dans le 21ème siècle”
– Jakez François

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Venezuelan musician, producer, arranger, composer and multi-instrumentalist, with 25 years of experience on the traditional Venezuelan music.

He has given concerts and harp clinics in:
London, Tokio, Canadá, Paraguay, USA, France, Austria, South África, México, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Perú, and Brasil.
Eduardo have more than 100 record on albums and shows of important national and international artists. The most relevant we could name:
Simon Diaz, Oscar D León, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Danny Rivera, Luis Salinas, Jorge Celedón, and Other great Artist from Venezuela.

He has performed as a special guest at festivals such as:
• Special gues in the “First World Harp Festival” in the Asunción city in Paraguay 2007, the first edition of the same, in order to declare Asuncion as the World Capital of the Harp.
• In the IV World Festival “Mishquila del Arpa” in Santiago del Estero (Argentina)
• In the Festival “Cuerdas de America” in Buenos Aires in the 1st and 2nd edition.
• In The Roslyn Spectrum Theater (Washington DC) with another two masters of world harp Mariano Gonzalez (Paraguay) and Edmar Castaneda (Colombia) organized by the ” Teatro de la Luna”
• Special Guest In México to 8th Harp Festival in Cerrillos Veracruz, and Cuauhtémoc city with the great ensemble “Harps of America” by the Master Celso Duarte and Family, also a concert at the House of Culture ” Jaime Sabines “in Mexico City, with the Master of the Venezuelan Cuatro Luis Pino.
• Special Guest by “La Ruta del Cuatro” proyect from the master Luis Pino In Chile city in a concert in the Catholic University of Santiago.
• In the most important International Folklore Festival in the Cosquín city (Argentina) which celebrated its 50th anniversary as the first Venezuelan Harpist to participate in this festival, and did so with the master of Four Venezuelan Luis Pino, The] charango Argentine Rolando Goldman and Master Guitarist Carlos Alvarez.
• Special gest In Tokyo 2010, in the prestigious Festival arpeggios of the springs whit Lucia Shiomitsu and Venezuelan Cuatrista Luis Pino, Concerts in Ichikawa Seiyoukan, and in the Soguetsu Kaikan theater and a Master Class at the University of Tokyo
• In Vienna (Austria) in the Kursalón, a concert by the 50 years of OPEC.
• South Africa, Namibia, Mozambique and Johannesburg with the amazing Venezuelan singer Fabiola Jose.
• In the Vougue Theater in The 11 World Harp Congress in Vancouver Canada 2011-
• In the “Sonamos Latino America” Festival in the Santa Fe city (Argentina) 2010, edition, 2011 Caracas and Lima, Peru 2013.
• Special Guest by “Sonamos Latinoamerica” to a Concert whit the Entre Ríos Orchestra (Paraná) with director Luis Gorelic and the master Charanguista from Argentina Rolando Goldman and the Charanguista and multi-instrumentist Oscar Poli Gomitolo.
• In The “Mishquila del Arpa” in Santiago del Estero (Argentina) in their editions 7, 8 and 9.
• Special Guest to tghe Harp Fest “Arpas al Sur de Chile” in the city of Concepcion (Chile) in 2 editions.
• In Vancouver Canada in the Sun Carnival.
• The Harp Fest whit Julio Glez in Cancun City.
• Special guest by Les Harpes Camac (France) to Au Max harp Fest in Ancenis, France. 2016
• Special guest by the Music and Dance Department of the Salem State University to “Joropo Music Demostration” hosted by professor Fran Vielma (Multi-Percussionist and composser, and Carlos Capacho (Venezuelan Cuatro Player).
• Special Guest EduardoProject in the “2016 Delaware Valley’s MOST INFLUENTIAL LATINOS” by impacto Latino.
• Special guest by Venezuelan Project (Boston) to record the video “Roots Medley” for Berklee College Whith the great musicians from Venezuela Carlos Capacho (Venezuelan Cuatro), Josu Ortiz (Piano), Ali Gabriel Tovar (Bass) and Alexis Soto (Maracas and Percussion).
• Special gues by Les Harpes Camac (France) to Festival à Lyon Hommage à Gemaine Lorenzini and Master class Salle Rhône Atelier « rythmes d’Amérique du Sud »
par Eduardo Betancourt et Leo Rondon.
• Special guest by the Master Cristóbal Soto in Paris SONAR Music School in a Concert tribute to the big Venezuelan Harpist JuanVicente Torrealba and Ignacio “Indio” Figueredo, and a Master Class of the Venezuelan Harp.
• Special Guest Eduardoproject by Casa de Venezuela Philadelphia to VenezuelanExpressions 2017 celebrating 10th Aniversary.
• Special guest by Rumbarroco to International Education Week in the Northeastern University.
• Special Guest EduardoProject in the “Sal y Dulce Fest” Philadelphia, 9 and 10 Editions.

He has worked of important musical projects in Venezuela as:
Huascar Barradas Band, Rafael “El Pollo” Brito Band, 2Arpas4Manos with Leonard Jácome, Joropo Jam Project, Eduardo Project.
In Buenos Aires (Argentina) from six years ago he founded the duo Luna & Betancourt (Piano and Harp) with Gabriel Luna, classical pianist and chairman of the department of folk music of Argentina in the “National Conservatory of Music” in Buenos Aires.
Now in Boston, wit The Venezuelan Project and EduardoProject.

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