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Video Courses
More than 2500 videos of classes and masterclass (artist classes) are accessible by subscription: each subscription gives access to all our courses, only the subscription duration changes.
These videos are very detailed, allowing you to learn with or without solfeggio. Scores are displayed under the course videos for those who wish.
There are two possible “paths” to learn with our video courses:
– follow complete and progressive learning path, from beginner to advanced level. This allows you to be guided step by step and to be sure to learn techniques and pieces adapted to your level.
– and / or, learn freely pieces of your choice in our course catalogue. This allows you to enrich his repertoire or techniques, without necessarily following a full learning path.
Some video courses are free, accessible by creating a free account, which allows you to try the interface. For This, create an account, then head over to the course page and choose a course with the mention “free”.
The videos are available whenever you want from where you want, 24 pm / 24 and 7 D / 7!
Webcam Courses
Learn by Webcam course on our website: you book classes with a real teacher via an interactive calendar, then take course from home in visio-Conference with the skype software. This system and our method has been proven for more than 10 years.
Our teachers adapt to your project and prepare for you the pieces you want at your level.
Your teacher will set your goals and prepare a plan of action. One or more styles, pieces of your choice adapted to your level, frequency depending on what you choose or need. Harp-school and its teachers offer you the flexibility for more fun to play.

Once registered, you have access to all the videos of the site, despite the level and style, with all our artists or teachers without distinction.

Then you can learn at your pace. The learning program is available for a progressive learning but you can also choose to play the pieces you prefer in order that you like and learn the techniques you need and add the masterclass of artists when you need.
The videos are explained the pieces in detail: Fingerings, positions, rhythms, techniques, nuances, Ornament, all by oral transmission. Scores are available if you need under the video, but it is not mandatory to read the music to learn with
Connect whenever you want with your computer, tablet, smartphone, in front of your harp and learn the pieces you want. Validate as the parts worked and easily return to your current pieces thanks to our pedagogic interface.
If you need a boost, our teachers are available by webcam to help you and accompany you!

The music sheets are displayed under the video lessons, but divided in small parts to match the video chapters.

The complete music sheet is not downloadable for free: this is something we have been thinking through a lot. The fact that it would be possible to download hundreds of sheet music -many of which are original artist compositions, with a simple subscription was a moral dilemma regarding these artists. This is why we offer the complete sheets in PDF for sale in our store, the benefits going directly to the artist.

We do our best to build a great online school and the choices are not always easy to make. Our hope is that everyone, harpists and artists alike, are happy 🙂

It all depends on your need, your project. You want to discover the possibilities of the site, the Prelude offer gives you a glance!
Have you spotted any pieces you’re interested in? Any artists you love? The Allegro offer with a month will fill you!
Do you have a list of tracks and / or programs that you’re interested in? Any classes you would like to follow? Do you want to experiment? The 3-month offer Crescendo will allow you to satisfy your desires.
Everything… you want to do everything, learn everything, experience everything, whether you start or not, the content of and its regular updates will quench your thirst to learn! Maestro, the offer to the year will allow you not to miss anything!

For offers on a commitment of 3 months and 1 year, a payment every month is offered to you. The Price of your subscription will be charged each month on the same date automatically.
If you prefer to pay in one time paiement, check our gift card produce.

Don’t worry, we help you step by step! Do you have your harp? (If not please go check this page) all you have to do is test our beginner course. We offer you a smooth learning with a playful educational method. Learn your first track in just a few hours. At each step, we guide you on the positions, frequent mistakes, offer exercises and new pieces to unlock all this in simplicity.
If you follow the step-by-Step course, you will quickly create a panel of techniques, arrangement and rhythms.
When you have reached the necessary ease, pick a piece that you loved to learn in addition to courses will be presented to you as well as masterclass with artists!
Two solutions are available to you!
– start the course at your level: look at the details of the concepts discussed and techniques played. Don’t hesitate to watch the videos of the techniques you miss before you start. You will soon find your abilities coming back and grow quickly thanks to our playful educational method!
And / or
– choose pieces at your level in the style that you prefer and choose in the techniques you want to learn according to your desires.
– have fun with international artists with our masterclasses
You are welcome to and your teacher too! On our website you can:
– satisfy your desire for a piece in particular,
– Discover a new style,
– meet the greatest harpists of the harp in masterclass in your living room!
– take advantage of our goodies and shops,
– come and meet the harpist community of,
Our courses are multi genres to offer to the harpists in full learning a wide range of rhythmic and sound possibilities.
However, if one genre attracts you particularly more than another, choose the pieces according to your level and the style of choice without going through the program. And complete with masterclasses to have new techniques and advice from professional!
Our teaching courses are playable on harp with Lever Harp (called Celtic) and pedal harp. The lap harps from 22 strings with levers can follow the course to the beginning of the intermediate level. The advanced learning path will be limited by the number of strings.
The Paraguaya and llanera harps can also play our songs and masterclass if they have some levers. Techniques are explained, however, to play on the finger and not with nails.
The tone of each piece is defined at the beginning of the course, so you can choose pieces that are adapted to your harp if you don’t have levers.
For each class, it will be indicated in the description if the piece is for lap Harp (from 22 strings), Levers (from 34 strings) or Pedals.

Our page “Choosing your harp” guide you step by step: a small test will allow you to determine the harp will suit you, it’s of course only a suggestion. It’s up to you to choose your model, your harp maker according to the characteristics and customization that you want! You will find all the information to make your acquisition.

Our program and our pieces of choice are explained in details and step by step. A child around 6 years old can start learning through this website without worries. The youngest will need an adult to understand the functioning of the interface and start properly but autonomy will come very quickly. Our playful interface allows you to work step by step and validate its units to find out what is done and what remains to be seen.
There is no age limit to start the harp!
Of course! We are still looking for proposals! Give us the title and the author (or the performer) if you have a little known song send us the link to listen to it!
If you are yourself creator of a beautiful piece that you want to do share, send us this proposal!
Every month, you will find new songs and scores to learn on You will be able to find our ongoing projects on our facebook and on our newsletter! 🙂
The styles and levels will be varied to satisfy beginners and more advanced levels. You will discover as new artists from all over the world and discover known pieces or current compositions of harpists!

You follow the course in autonomy but still, you’re not sure of your positions or confortable with a fingering? Would you like some extra tips for some pieces? Do you just have a little question about a beat? Taking a particular lesson via webcam allows you to keep your autonomy while ensuring that our teachers are there in case of need.

You can become one of the teachers of harpschool. Send us an email and we will study your proposal! If we have the possibility, we prefer to film our teachers directly, then we will see to meet you! If it’s for webcam classes, we’ll give you a chance to meet you!
Have you filmed yourself? Did you composed or improvised thanks to harp-school? Share with us your videos, scores and audio of your progress at [email protected]!

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