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This course is an introduction to Music Therapy and to the 7 greek modes, widely used in western music. Marianne Gubri is a great harp-therapy expert, she will present you the influence each mode can have on the listener’s feelings. You will see what makes each mode special and learn how to improvise on them.

Discovering harp therapy will help you feel and understand the power of scales, tones and vibrations. It can lead you to a new path in your harp journey and musical expression. View Course Details

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What will I learn?

Learn the Modes and how to use them
Improvising on various rhythms for each mode
How to create introductions for your pieces

Piece details

Genre: Celtic Music / Pop Music / Flamenco / World
Arranger: Marianne Gubri

Course Curriculum

Harp therapy
Introduction to Music Therapy 00:00:00
Key change 00:00:00
Dorian Mode 00:00:00
Aeolian Mode 00:00:00
Mixolydian Mode 00:00:00
Ionian Mode 00:00:00
Phrygian Mode 00:00:00
Lydian Mode 00:00:00
Locrian 00:00:00
Conclusion 00:00:00

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