Album Komentosilta Meghalaya – Alicia Du Coustel

Texte by Vincent Blot

Travel through lands and seas with this album colored with traditional songs and original compositions in between world music and folk music. With her voice that transforms like a chameleon, Alicia carries you from the modern scene to the tones of ancestral tribes.

Once again, she takes us to her own journey discovering cultures, meeting people, hearing their stories. Sometimes you will find yourself sailing on calm and soothing waters, while later these same waters roar and drum making people swing with the song’s rhythm.

The title says it all : KomentoSilta Meghalaya. If these words sound like a whole, they come from different languages.

Komentosilta : « the footbridge», in Finnish.

Meghalaya : « the cloud’s abode » in Sanskrit. Sanskrit is a language but also the name of a North-Eastern province of India where rubber trees create living bridges helping people cross rivers.

You can already guess the message implied : it is always possible to weave links, even between distant universes.

You will hear Alicia playing two different harps : made by Alison Wylie, the first one is a 30 strings model (hers) and the second is a 34 strings model. While singing, she also plays bodhran or piano, increasingly bringing depth and emotion to each song. Gurvan L’helgoualc’h is accompanying her with either drums and guitar.

The harp is really the main theme of this album. As a singer and multi-instrumentalist, it is still obvious that Alicia has a special fondness for the harp which supports her voice wonderfully.

Sometimes soft and crystalline (Fuoco e Mare, Morenica), sometimes deep and rhythmical (Elahi) which is a specialty of Alicia’s harp playing. On a few occasions harp and piano mingle to add beautiful effects full of emotion (Sar Planina, Brendan). I was also pleasantly surprised by the lever set bringing an oriental resonance to the harp ( Rozovna ve Dikendir). The strings are either on the forefront, or married with other instruments to add subtlety and smooth the accompaniment.

With 13 songs this album is, above all, an invite to a journey. Close your eyes, listen, break away from everyday worries and let yourself relax. Relish in this gentle and warm, sometimes even  mystic mood as the album was recorded in 432hz. If you enjoy the album, you will probably enjoy the live version even more as it takes a whole new dimension. Alone on stage or with musicians, Alicia’s presence and generosity will not leave you indifferent. Having seen her on stage several times, I encourage you to see her live, as she regularly plays all around France and abroad.

In the album cover you will find the songs’ lyrics, photographs and anecdotes on Alicia’s travels.

20 July 2020

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